They say they want to be different
But that makes them like the rest
What is different when we’re all the same?

how do i stop growing up this isn’t fun anymore

The unspoken words that will haunt us

I feel empty
You have been silenced forever more
Leaving me with no one to feel this pain with me
No one to battle it with me
You have made your choice that will always be unsettling
No one could save you from yourself
And even when you called out, screamed it to the world no one would listen
So you sat in the darkness alone until it consumed you
Until you became the darkness
So now you’re gone
You thought we wouldn’t care
That we would be okay
Because we were too selfish to listen
We live with the regret of your absence in this world
You have silenced yourself from humanity
But your memories still scream in our hearts and in our thoughts everyday
You are a motion picture that will forever be on replay Tell we grow too old to remember ourselves
You were wonderful
You are still loved
You are not hated for your decision
We can only hate ourselves for letting you slip away from us by ignorance

You left us with a broken heart, but your heart was completely shattered.