It’s slow fall, the way you
look at me, the corner
of your lip tucked in
between your teeth,
I close my eyes afraid
I’ll wake up from this dream,
I want this reality more
than ever-

Everyday that you’re by my side, is a day I cherish.


i’m falling
down holes
i dug myself
and i’m melting
into the concrete
forming puddles
of colors
that mix
to make metallics

i’m rocketing up
through ceilings
of crystal
and i’m floating
through fog
that billows
like bridal trains
drifting down
in the chapel
of my mind

i am dreaming
of her
and of secrets
finally let loose
to drift skyward
like baby birds
on their first
real flight

i am letting go
of the fear
that i’ve held
for years
i am letting go
of caring
what people say
or being afraid
of who will hear
and what they’ll say
when they put it together
like a puzzle
with the pieces
strewn through space
a constellation
of observations
and snide remarks

and i am
inhaling hope
that you’ll
talk to me again
and exhaling
from the chance
that you won’t

and i am finding
my truth
in the fact
that i want
whatever makes
your heart
i want
whatever makes you happy
whether it’s me
or everything but

and i
will still
chase the feeling
of falling


tripping (via palabrasquecantan)